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I have been recently told that every elevator built is a custom design.. That is you dont look up an elevator in a catalog and order it.

is this true?

-- doug didier (didierd@erols.com), May 24, 1997


Pre-Engineered Packages

Hi Doug,

Most manufacturers do make some specific models in a standard configuration. These standard models are generally referred to as "pre-engineered", "packaged", or some other similar term. However, these units are not always pre-manufactutured and/or warehoused. The specifications are just pre-determined by the respective manufacturer, and their manufacturing processes are strem-lined for rapid manufacturing and shipping.

So, the real answer to your question is partly "yes", and partly "no". You can order a (nothing fancy) standard configured elevator from a catalog, brochure, or WWW site, but you will be limited to the specific manufacturer's pre-engineered spec of features, etc.. The variety of features and/or custom components vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. For examples of this, visit any of the major manufacturers web sites. Most of them describe this process in their products sections. A few examples follow:

Schindler Elevator Corporation Montgomery KONE Otis Elevator Company

Additionally, most companies also offer very customized elevators as well, but as you would expect, the price, delivery lag time and other variables are not as well defined head-of-time.

I hope this helps to answer your question.

Regards, Ray Griffin ElevatorMax)

-- Ray Griffin (rgriffin@cct.infi.net), May 31, 1997.


Most elevators made in the market today are of pre engineer design. You can got them polished or mirror bronze special laminates even full of mirrors if ya like.laminate if special may take a lil time .If you want that out of the ordinary look. But the siszes now days are pretty standard.If it is specs and design you want also trythis one to www.doverelevator.com

-- JEFF GUPPY (JAYCEE8914@AOL.COM), May 31, 1997.

MY mistalke ,This is true you can get smaller cars,A few yrs back a whole elevator came on a truck.It was set into place by crane already bricked to match the outside of the building. Was installed by non union elevator company.I guess you call this quantity, NOT QUALITY!

-- jeff guppy (jaycee8914), June 16, 1997.

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