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Is there a checklist or safety training that an elevator maintenance worker uses to do his job safely. I would appreciate a copy of such an item. Send to 999 Waterside Drive Suite 700 Norfolk, VA 23510 ATTN: Steve Geiger

-- Steve Geiger (, May 06, 1997


Dear Steve:

There is a handbook published by Elevator World Magazine for the Elevator Industry titled The Elevator Field Employees Safety Handbood. Elevator World is located in Mobile, AL.. I was a member of the National Elevator Industry Safety Committee and we compiled the book. There are separate sections of Repair, Construction and Maintenance. If I can be of any assistance let me know and I will provide you with more details on the publication. I was also Safety Director for Dover and Zone Safety Manager for over nineteen years.

Jim O'Boyle, CSP, PE Elevator Safety Consultant

-- Jim O'Boyle (, June 28, 1997.

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