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After reading Antarctic Atemporal Autonomous Zone,I was wondering about the pamphlets that were being sent to summer address. What is going on with that now? Is there any connection with Incunabula Catalogue or Ong's Hat stuff? Faery Faith In Celtic Countries?

-- Anders R.B. Johnson (, April 20, 1997


AAAZ - gets wierder, I'm afraid..

In a telephone conversation with myself in 1992, the Sufi 'Abdal'(or deputy) of the Antarctic Continent revealed that his station, while it seems at first absurd, it is apparently crucial for the perpetuation of certain activities within the Sufi sect. I was visiting a certain friend-of-a-friend, who is a fairly popular musician (known for his martial arts prowess and interest in the occult) while in California. We were discussing our vacation plans for the winter when the phone rang. The black-clad rock star answered the line, arched his eyebrow and passed me the phone: "It's for you.." he said, suspiciously. My ear to the reciever, I could make out a very weak voice through the static that announced the speaker as the Sufi deputy of Antarctica. He said "... you musn't bring pomegranates, it will lead to trouble" "No pomegranates! Remember........Dirigible...." He then hung up. After about two hours of speculation on the subject, we returned to the topic of potential vacation arrangements. "Where do you plan on going this winter?" I asked.. "Java" he responded cryptically. - Make of that story what you will, it really happened, no shit. ..and I don't even like pomegranates..

-- ibn Z'ahma al-Shirazi (, April 20, 1997.


Dear Sir, After you've uttered the final oath that will allow you admittance into the deepest of the Antarctic chambers, you will remark to me: "Noble Mustafa, I am still in the world enough to question - is it real?" I will grin the wide, satified grin you will have come to associate with my smug demeanor and state: "Be assured, Illustrious Johnson, that if any thing is unreal in this place, it is yourself! Look! there you go now, having such fun with that nice Kallikak girl..." You will of course at this time experience acute deja-vu as I depart to annoy your other selves. the by, you wouldn't happen to know what's goingto happen to those tools I'm going to loan you, eh?

-- Mustafa El (, April 21, 1997.

I thank you all for irritaining me. -Telephone conversations with yourself? I will make of that story what I will. -I'm hoping to make good use of those tools. Why? Will you need them back? Did anyone see the train I came in on?

-- Anders (, April 22, 1997.

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