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Peace to you all... Be careful, your chioldren may be the next Moorish converts. We take no prisoners. Salaam.

-- John al-Hakim El (jbranson@utdallas.edu), April 14, 1997


As-salaam Aliekum, Shahid-i-hal! It is good to see a fellow Moor in Dallaston, Texasland! I unfortunately do not get on these machines very often but feel free to drop me a line at the e-mail address below, and perhaps we may speak of items of intterest to those in our "vocation". Who knows maybe you may join us in one of our slametans. Whatever the case may the six pillars both support, and be supported by you. Salaam, Ya Rabb!

-Knight Kadosch Mustafa al-Laylah Bey, H(w)un-T(w)un Tong

-- Knight Kadosch Mustafa al-Laylah Bey (z_brunsonbr@titan.sfasu.edu), May 26, 1997.


I am Bro. Lamaas Bey and was just wondering if you are a follower of Prophet Noble Drew Ali founder and Prophet Noble Drew Ali Reincarnated? I believe you know about your nationality and I believe you are a follower of Islam, but brother you should aways say Islam instead of hello when greeting one another.

-- Lamaas Elisha Bey (bey001@harpo.tnstate.edu), January 28, 1999.

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