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Ok, seems to be working great so far. I've tried different options for the 303 slide, and accent and stuff...seems to work.

I'm wondering though if you can add an option to 'quantize' note-length values to lets say a percentage...So they can be shortened by 50%, 75%, etc...All this means is changing the gate time...

Oh yeah...another thing. If you remember the 202-1.mid file I sent you a while back...The last note should be step 24, but for some reason, it's step 20 (I heard something weird when I cycled the pattern on the 202, and so I checked the step times and they were all ok except for the last one). Could you check on that?

Oh yeah yet ANOTHER thing :) .. Would it be possible to remember the last used path on the hard drive when clicking 'BROWSE'? That would save me some extra clicking :)


-- shawn202 (, March 29, 1997


Re: beta 1.2

Shawn: Glad that overall it's working well for you!

I'll consider adding the "quantize" feature in the future, if there's demand for it. I'm hesitating a little cuz that type of thing might just be easier to do in the original .midi file? Let me know if I misinterpreted what you were thinking...

I still have the file, and I'll check it out later today. I'll try and implement that "memory" into the "browse" button, good idea.

Thanks as always for the suggestions!


-- Dan Nigrin (, March 29, 1997.

fixes / answers!


About your "202-1.mid" file. The problem is that the MIDI file is actually not *quite* 1 measure long - I didn't notice until I really zoomed in on it with Cubase. So this means that the last note is getting kind of cutoff cuz the whole midi sequence is just a little shorter than 1 full measure. Open the file back up in your sequencer and I think you'll see what I mean....

About the "memory" for the browse button: I just implemented that fix, and it will be included in the next version (which will be the 1.0 version! Probably available on Monday).


-- Dan Nigrin (, March 29, 1997.

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