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OK using win95 and sound forge 4 I opened a mid file which was 54 measures long, it seemed to convert and I loaded the .wav as a raw PCM file (8bit 22kHz unsigned mono). I listened to it and the file was always just at clipping on the VU meters of sound forge, is this ok? Dan maybe you could include a test .wav with the program that people could use to calibrate their sound card with? at least then I would know that the .wav file was correct and I was doing something wrong if it didn't load.

by the way I still couldn't get it to load into the 202, but the leader IS way too short! :) it needs to be like 20-30 seconds? maybe?

John ps I sure hope I get this working!

-- jkimble (jkimble@engin.umich.edu), March 14, 1997


Re: 202 levels


I received the .wav file which you created, and will test it this weekend and let you know if I'm successfull in loading it into my 202. I *can* tell you that at least to my ear, the .wav file has the write output levels and structure (I'm getting good at interpreting that static noise!)

I like your idea of distributing a test .wav file with the package so that people can at least test that aspect of their system (computer --> 202) in confidence. I will do this starting with the next distribution version.

A final thought about your test MIDI sequence and it's corresponding .wav file: Try it with a shorter sequence. The 202 has a max note limitation, and it's possible that your .wav file isn't working cuz you're maxing out the 202's memory...

As I said, I'll check it myself this weekend, and let you know. Oh, and the next update will create a *longer* leader tone!!

Thanks for the input...


-- Dan Nigrin (dnigrin@welchlink.welch.jhu.edu), March 21, 1997.



I tried your .wav file, and it loaded perfectly into my 202. So you must be making a mistake somewhere between dumping the file from your computer and the 202.

I'll work on making the leader tone longer this weekend, that might help you.


-- Dan Nigrin (dnigrin@welchlink.welch.jhu.edu), March 22, 1997.

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