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Iam installing firemens on mph 1 phase 1 alt floor is not working correctly do I need to install different software and if so what do I need to do ie.prom burner and what address ? I also have used hht on unit and the processor is seeing call cancel but not working correctly. Also are you familar with a guy named Ken Pixely an old work mate of mine local #9 Minneapolis local ? Nice talking to you Dan Bruns

-- Dan Bruns (, February 16, 1997



I have responded to this request via private e-mail.

-- Rolland Harrison (, February 21, 1997.

mph1 phase1 and 2

mph1 already has fr feature. you have a bad mhc board if it's not working correctly Probably already figured that out though eh?

-- Larry Horton (, April 30, 1997.


MPH 1 has a mph board... If you have a mhc board, your elevator is a mph 2. All fire recall is done through the software or fire alarm system.

-- (, November 09, 2002.

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