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Dear Sir,

I am doing a research on elevator safety.

I have a problem finding information about safety of control circuits containing microprocessor and some other ICs. I didn't find any information whether companies simulate errors on the main board or they just simulate errors or damages on processors but not on the other ICs.

Here is my question: Is it possible that as a result of any IC damage elevator will move, but the door will stay open? Are there any law regulations?

Yours faithfully, Zoran Kovacevic

-- Zoran Kovacevic (, January 26, 1997


Elevator Safety

Have e-mailed Mr Kovacevic a lengthy e-mail on elevator safety and links for U.S codes etc. The e-mail is too lengthy to post on forum but I can send a copy to if you want May include it in my home page in the future. Any one elese with knowledge of codes or safety related issues may want to respond.

-- Rolland Harrison (, January 29, 1997.

Zoran, While ASME A.17 is "code of the land" it is that only that in and state politicially driven ( like Minnesota) code bureaucracies have the power to alter, and even omit code items they find ( or told to find) to be expensive to building owners and elevator contractors. RE/

-- John Shugren (elevator @, June 15, 1997.

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