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Just to get the ball rolling got a call last night from one of the many elevator dudes around the country Having problems with an older Dover Solid State hydro. Didn't have an answer for him at the time so I thought I'd throw this out there. The problem he is having is as follows. Elevator takes off from any floor (Let's say 1 going to 4, it is a 4 stop) The second it sees the slowdown for the second floor U relay drops D relay picks up all car and hall calls fire and the car returns to 1. On intermediate floors the senario is the same. If the car is travelling in the down direction the same stuff goes on except the controller drops D and heads back to the top landing. All boards have been changed and the senario is still the same. Suggestions?

-- Rolland Harrison (, January 09, 1997


Solid State car lost

Those old cards were picky about which elevator they would work in. I have seen an intermediate card not work in two elevators and work in another. You might check the hoistway switches. It is very easy to pinch a wire with those mechanical switches when installing them. The unistrut nut is the usual culprit. The short may not be present when the job is first turned over, but time will do it's thing

-- John O. Stambaugh (, June 03, 1997.

check your 24 volt cir. you may be to low.

-- anonymously answered, August 12, 1997

Dover Solid State Hydro ttl 1975-90

Dovers first romp with solid state. Iwas adjusting for them then. If you had a problem and you were sure it was in the cards you were given a complete set and instructed to change all of them. Frequently a problem would take out 2 or more cards and swapping 1 at a time could and did bite many mechanics. The molex plugs that tied the card rack to the relay/terminal boards the pins would not be fully set and after operating would unmate (traction job's composite controllers also) we had a lot of cars down after the 92 quake from that. take the plugs apart and Using a paperclip tool push on them from the wired side to seat. I would guess by now your elevator is ether running or has new controls so this is mostly FYI

-- Fred Baltes (, August 31, 1997.

This problem, I believe, is in the hoistway, not on the cards. The original design had the equivelant of a latch relay arrangement,for car position and direction selection, duplicated in solid state circuitry. In fact, the whole system was basically a reproduction in solid state of the equivelnt relay systems that existed at the same time. Can't remember the details and have no prints, but look for the equivelant of a failed latch relay (coil burned out).

-- John Brannon (, March 29, 1999.

Dover TTL

Hope it's fixed by now! The Problem is most likely in the 24 VOLT SUPPLY CICUIT. Usually the capactor at the rectifier. The voltage Drops when you try to ring the hall lanterns, causing the cards to flake out.

-- Texas Doctor (, August 18, 1999.


sounds like your working on either a continetal or a fleetwood series unit as 5 cards,top bottom, intermidiate,power card ,doorboard.thers a tip out where can check the power imput and output of each card..hope that helps ....dan.sanfrancsco

-- Dan w (, March 09, 2003.

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