Introduction to C++ : Problems with the compiler

from Chris Morrison (
Hello Steve, I have carefully followed your instructions for installing the compiler, adding the commands in autoexec.bat. My OS is windows 95. I have tested the compiler in C:\djgpp\bin>go32-v2 and it runs the code you wrote it should. But only if I am in this directory, not at the DOS prompt as you wrote. When I try to compile the following for example-

C:\introcpp\normal>mk Basic04

I receive the following response:

C:\introcpp\normal>cd ..\code C:\introcpp\code>call mknorm C:\introcpp\code.gcc -o Basic04.o -c -I, -g -pedantic errors -Wparentheses -Wunused Bad Command or file name Cannot move Basic04 - No such file or directory Cannot move Basic.exe -No such file or directory File not found C:\introcpp\ ..\normal C:\introcpp\normal

So the compiler is trying I guess but something is wrong. Can you help?

Thanks.I must say I am enjoying the book. I like the approach of seeing a program from the compiler's point of view, it's logical and easy to follow.