About the Resistance Welding Forum

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This forum's purpose is to provide a place for resistance welding users to share information. You can ask review questions others have asked, add your unique insight to the answer, and/or ask a new question.

Please note: Questions regarding ARC welding processes (MIG, TIG, etc.), are outside the scope of this forum.

While this forum is sponsered by the T. J. Snow Company, **This is not the place to ask for quotes.** They should be handled by direct email with T. J. Snow.

The purpose of this forum is for everyone to pool their wisdom and learn from each others mistakes problems and sucesses. There is no reason to have to reinvent the wheel every time :). Please try to keep your posts informative and respectfully non-commercial.

How this System Works

This bboard software was written by Philip Greenspun and hosted for free by him started in 1995. Anyone could come in and create a forum and moderate the discussion. Most of the thousands of forums on this server were and are publicly searchable by Google and other Web indices.