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About the News Clips Forum

Some year 2000 news stories of particular interest to the Lakes Area 2000 site manager (or short clips from them and references to them), are placed here for convenient reference. While Internet addresses to their origin are included in most of them, in the case of news stories those links will often lead to "file not found" messages; because of their page layout and site design strategies, news organizations frequently move their stories into archives which changes their urls.

While you can't enter any stories or references into this forum by clicking the "Ask a Question" link (because it isn't there), you can comment on any article referenced here by clicking the "Contribute an answer to..." link at the bottome of its page. And you can add additional or related references by doing the same thing.

If you have or know of a story you'd like included here, you can contact me at any time by either clicking here, or by clicking any of the billdale@lakesnet.net links you'll see here and there around this forum.

And even though there is no planned regularity to the posting of references to news here, if you'd like to receive emailed updates of postings made, just click the "request to be notified" link below (I think that's what it says), of click the "add an alert" link near the bottom of the main page.

How this System Works

This bboard software was written by Philip Greenspun and hosted for free by him started in 1995. Anyone could come in and create a forum and moderate the discussion. Most of the thousands of forums on this server were and are publicly searchable by Google and other Web indices.