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The policies of this forum are really pretty simple. Everyone is welcome! All views related to homesteads, homesteaders and this great planet we reside on are welcome! I don't do any sensoring unless I feel things are way out of control. I have duct tape on my DEL key, but in the event that it becomes necessary I do still have the power to push real hard and delete a post or thread. If you have a real problem with a person/post, please keep it out of the forum - email is free and a lot more private! And email won't disrupt the flow of the forum. The only other thing I will push pretty hard is choosing a catagory for your posts. It isn't that difficult and it saves a LOT of time on this end. You will have my undying gratitude if you will scroll down the catagory list and make that extra "click!" One last thing - HAVE FUN! That sums it up! We will also have a website up and running in the near future that I would like to see made up primarily of your contributions (articles, pictures, stories, jokes, etc.). I will have a "For Sale/Trade/Barter" section as well. I hope to help make this forum and the Country Style Homestead website as informative, interesting and entertaining as possible, and I thank each of you in advance! Happy Homesteading!

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This bboard software was written by Philip Greenspun and hosted for free by him started in 1995. Anyone could come in and create a forum and moderate the discussion. Most of the thousands of forums on this server were and are publicly searchable by Google and other Web indices.