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NOTE: After being hosted by greenspun.com for many years, the Coffee Buy and Sell forums have to find a new home.

Some of you forwarded me a system generated message that said "Database Dead...It seems that the database on this ancient unmaintained Linux server has finally died. Thus it isn't possible to post new questions..."

Instead of letting the forums die, we have decided to migrate all the messages to our own servers and even add some new features. This is something that we're doing on our spare time, so please be patient with us as we bring the various new sections online as time permits.

Please come check it out the new site here: http://coffee.gurus.net (Coffee Buy & Sell + Forums)

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This bboard software was written by Philip Greenspun and hosted for free by him started in 1995. Anyone could come in and create a forum and moderate the discussion. Most of the thousands of forums on this server were and are publicly searchable by Google and other Web indices.