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My name is Lighthouse Keeper, of the Baltimore Keepers. I'm president of the Lighthouse Keepers Association of America. I've been a reader and participant in the Kuentos elections forum, until they went down for maintenance for a week, never to resurface.

Kuentos told us to start our own forum. So I have. This is a semi-moderated forum, which means I'll try to read all the posts to the forum and edit or delete the profane or libelous posts. A few policies:

1) Stick to the issues. I want intelligent and rational debate about public topics, which could include everything from Guam's economy to the media to government corruption. Personal attacks and insults won't be tolerated for long.

2) Profanity could be edited from posts, or excessively profane posts could be deleted.

3) If you post something with potentially libelous statements, I'll ask you to provide evidence and justify your claims. If you don't do so, your message could be deleted.

Good luck, fight clean, and keep it above the belt.

Your acquaintance, Lighthouse

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