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String Header File Not Found

from Joseph Meyerowitz (toshirooc@yahoo.com)
I recently got Steve's new book "Learning to Program in C++", and I tried to install the compiler, and it seemed to work except if I tried to quit out of RHIDE or if I tried to compile it would crash. I guessed that the fact that I was running Windows XP Home was the cause, so I went to the DJGPP site and downloaded the 2.03 version of DJGPP and 1.49 of RHIDE which both claimed XP compatibility. After installation (yes, I deleted the old install), I tried again, and I sucessfully created a working .exe file. The only problem is that if I ever try to include the string header file, as designated by the book (using the source code from the back of the book), or any variant that supposedly help (see bottom of post), I am told there is a parse error or that the string header file cannot be found. What is going wrong?

Here are all of the variation I have tried. After trying all of these I copied the contents of the code folder into the include folder of the DJGPP installation and tried again, also with no luck. #include "string6.h" #include "string7.h" #include "string.h" #include "string" #include #include #include #include

I also tried to link string6.h and string6.cc along with my source code and it told me that string was a new, undefined function and then gave me errors for every instance of string. The same happened with string7.h and string7.cc. Any help would be appreciated.

Joseph Meyerowitz

(posted 7165 days ago)

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