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OS-specific header files and string DatedStockitem::Today() in item21.cc

from Christoph Hammann (chammann@mac.com)
I'm also at odds with the Today member function in item21.cc from your fabulous book Learning to program C++. I'm compiling the examples on a Linux system with gcc 2.95.3 (Kdevelop as an IDE) and occasionally had to modify the #include statements. Same with item21.cc, had to take out #include . So far, so good. Now, compiling gives an "undeclared" error for 'date' and subsequent errors. Tried #including but that doesn't help. Has this something to do with the ANSI C++ Standard libs? I'd appreciate if you could broaden the discussion in the book to cover other platforms, too, though it is understandable to concentrate on the platform and compiler that come on the CD. So this might be the right forum to ask such a question after all. TIA! Christoph
(posted 7379 days ago)

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