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hard ware programming

from Fadhil Toufick Aula (www.ftaula@usa.net)
Dear sir I want to use the Microsoft c++ for hard ware programming, but I am failed to do that.For example their are a C and Borland c++ command can do that but using the same command do not in Microsoft,the following c and borland c++ is not working in our Microsoft c++ /* This program detect the installation pf LPT1 and reports the I/O port address assigned to it.*/ # include # include main() { unsined int far*ptr; ptr=(unsigned int far *)0x00000408; if(*ptr>0) printf("I/O base address assigned to LPT1 IS %x\n",*ptr); else printf("LPT1=None found"); return 0; } I waitting for your help.Thank you
(posted 7559 days ago)

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