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Several Questions Re: ASPEdit

from Anthony Gunia (gunia@calumet.purdue.edu)

I downloaded ASPEdit as part of my quest to find the most useful ASP editing tool. I'm very impressed thus far with your product, and have come up with a set of questions after reading the "Help" file and clicking around a bit. Here goes...

1) Will Access 2000 databases be a listed option in the SQL Builder? What about other databases such as Oracle?

2) Where does a text file for the SQL Builder to read it?

3) Does the registered version of ASPEdit allow you to select from multiple FTP sites? If not, will this option be in a future version?

4) Does the registered version of ASPEdit allow users to create snippet folders, allowing them to categorize their snippet code? If not, will this be a possible enhancement for the future?

5) Will future versions of ASPEdit allow users to open a document directly on an FTP site, edit it, and save it without having to download it, work on it, save it, the FTP it back up?

6) Can users add items to the tag menus? Also, how about having some ASP fast tags? I wanted to just put the <% %> to start off some code, and couldn't find something like this in the fast tags.

Thanks for your attention to the above, and look forward to hearing your response! I like what I see thus far in ASPEdit...easy to use. Have a good day!!!


(posted 7932 days ago)

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