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I stand corrected

from Steve Heller (stheller@koyote.com)
You are absolutely right that this program wouldn't work. By some oversight, I didn't write a test program to make sure that the final version of the item classes would work. The correction is to call UndatedStockItem::Reorder rather than StockItem::Reorder in DatedStockItem::Reorder. I've posted the correction on the Who's Afraid of More C++? page, and have updated the ZIP file containing the source code. I've included a test program that exercises the Reorder function, called "itmtstp.cc", The RHIDE project for it, "itmtstp.gpr", is included in a new ZIP file containing all the RHIDE project files for the book.
I apologize for the confusion I've caused you. Thanks for pointing out the error!
(posted 8288 days ago)

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