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The argument to get

from Steve Heller (stheller@koyote.com)

The get function has only one possible argument type, char, because it is meant for reading unformatted data one character at a time. Of course, it is possible to write a function that reads arbitrary types in the same way, but you'd have to do that yourself. You could even call it "get"; so long as it has a different argument list, the compiler can tell it from the one in the library that takes a char.

As for my next book, it is going to be sort of a "technical memoir". It's about my 30 years in programming and how I would have done some of the projects I've worked on if I'd had C++ available. For more recent projects, it will discuss how I would have done them if I'd known C++ better.

Unfortunately, that may be my last book. Editorial interference isn't the problem, though. The difficulty is that I can't get my publisher to promote my books, so they don't sell enough copies for me to make a living. They have a unique product that gets raves from customers, but they won't spend any money to tell other potential customers about it. This is very frustrating, as you can easily imagine.

(posted 8295 days ago)

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