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Reading ASCII characters

from Mike Mannakee (B3FEETBACK@AOL.COM)
Great. Now, when you say that get takes an argument of char type, do you mean that I have to pass it a char as an argument and it will return the next char in the stream? Does that mean I could pass it "short'" or some other type as an argument and it would read in the next data as a short or whatever type I request? I wasn't sure what you meant.

Now, in your book you ask to let you know if I'd be interested in reading a book on class design, and of course the answer is yes. I actually expect to see a lot more books out of you as time passes. Your work will come to be acknowledged as the start of the revolution in technical references. Tell your editor to just shut up and publish whatever you want to give him. He'll profit from it.

(posted 8295 days ago)

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