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Reading ASCII characters

from Mike Mannakee (B3FEETBACK@AOL.COM)

Now I'm curious about this ASCII character redefinition idea. You say that I correctly surmised the situation of the program taking one of those characters to mean "stop reading this line", and I assume that another has been altered to mean "end of this field". So my question is, which characters? Are there more? If you could just give me the values of all ASCII characters with double identities when read in from a C++ program I'd appreciate it.

This is more than just idle curiosity, you see. I'm hoping to use this in a program that will take a text document (as scanned in from a page and run through an OCR) and break the text down into it's individual words and symbols. Then take the resulting word list and throw out all duplicates, compare the document's word list against one's own word list, and spit out which specific words from the document one needs to have defined.

In order to do this, I need to know all I can about exactly how to read in characters from a file on disk. So far I know only how to read in a file that was written out in a particular controlled sequence (like the Stockitem inventory files) , not one that will contain random words and symbols. Any advice on how to read a file character by character? If you take the time to answer that for me I'll be happy to send you a copy of the finished program so you can see what you've started.

(posted 8295 days ago)

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