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Learning C++

from Mike Mannakee (B3FEETBACK@aol.com)

I think I'll tackle one of the other primers first before I dive into Bjarne's world. Then I'll go into it. But, frankly, I never would have made it on these before your series. I began with your books as it was the only one I could find anywhere with a glossary. This was a big plus to me as I am familiar with the importance of understanding the words you're reading. Along this line, I'm curious if you plan to write any more books in the C++ series. Now, I realize that after I finish the "...more C++ ?" book I'll probably have enough of a grounding to study any other book I want, but I sure would buy it if you wrote another, unnecessary though it may be. I can't actually imagine how people learned this language before the coverage you've given it. I picked up several other books on the subject and wasn't able to make it past the second chapter in any of them.

(posted 8295 days ago)

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