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Getdate function in More C++

from Mike Mannakee (B3FEETBACK@aol.com)
I'm confused in Who's afraid of MORE C++?. In your description of the date type and it's use in the Today() function, there's something I don't get. The getdate function is stated to be a leftover C function. The date type is obviously C++. So we must be dealing with a newer incarnation of this getdate function, as it takes a C++ object as an argument. I have several questions gnawing at me.

First, what does a date variable look like? Obviously it has at least 3 public member variables, da_year, da_day and da_month. Does it have any other variables or functions I should be aware of? And,

Second, how did C programmers use this getdate function? You know, before the ++ thing came along. Specifically, what did they pass to it as arguments? 3 addresses to be filled? How was this specified? And, for that matter, what does this function return to a C programmer? I do of course realize that none of these questions are really necessary if I simply shut up and duplicate the code in your book, but I'm not fully satisfied with just a taste like that. I want to know more. This leads me to -

Third, where can someone such as myself find this information without hassling you all the time? There has to be some reference somewhere that gives a full description of the standard C++ library from which I could learn more. If I keep writing you every time I come across a new function you'll wish you weren't so friendly with your readers. Still, though, I would appreciate it if you could address the above questions yourself, and I promise I'll leave you alone on the rest of my exploration of the library functions. Assuming, of course, that there is somewhere else I can turn.

Thanks much for your time.

(posted 8248 days ago)

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