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Deprecatory APIs

from Cliff Wirt (DementedMagpie@hotmail.com)
I have successfully compiled and run a couple Java programs in which, nonetheless, I got a "deprecated API" warning from the jdk compiler. What is a deprecated API? The compiler tells me to "recompile with "-deprecation" for details. What do I do to recompile with deprecation?

Regarding the Null Pointer Exceptions I got on an unsuccessful program: My guess is the problem is this: I have a bunch of references running around without without objects (I have a picture in my mind of headless chickens running around). Is this an accurate picture of my problem? Am I on the right track? Is the question I am to ask myself "How do I attach the references to their objects; how do I get the heads reattached to the headless chickens?"

(I have found that if I get the question right, the answer frequently follows.)

(posted 8300 days ago)

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